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The Best 5 Automatic Watches Under $300
Watches are the centerpiece of a lady’s or gentleman’s outfit; they can make or break the whole picture. And for connoisseurs, automatic watches are the only way to go. There certainly are a number of automatic watches on the market, yet we will focus our attention for now on affordable, yet very stylish and high-end best automatic watches under 300.
When shopping for the best affordable automatic watch, you should not lessen your standards, which is why we wrapped this list of amazing items. Even if you are looking for a wonderful mother’s day gift, we provide you with a women's automatic watch selection to speed up things and up your game.
But First, Why Go for an Aquatico?
Men and women alike are more refined today, and since we no longer hunt for our food provision, we need a source of adrenaline and challenge. This is something divers understand perfectly. So a diver’s watch is a must if you are a diving enthusiast, for your own sake and protection. We believe that an automatic watch for women divers must be exquisite and select; and at the same time, an automatic watch for men divers pick should be not only practical but also stylish.
These are timeless pieces that are highly resistant to extreme conditions such as cold weather, heat, sunlight, salt, mechanical and magnetic shocks, you name it. It’s as important as a life-vest or a bullet-proof vest. Even if you’re not a diver, picking a water-resistant watch instead of a regular one will assure you that your accessory will end up in good conditions when exposed to rain, fog, forgetting it on the sink, or with perspiration after a workout. Some factors you should pay attention to when choosing the best automatic watch under $300 are style, design, features, battery life (or perfectly functioning automatic mechanism under high pressure), and other details.
Believe it or not, you can absolutely get such a technical item for divers at a great price that will end up making the best deal possible. Here we go! Stay tuned for suggestions from our experts.
Our Top 5 Selection of the Best Automatic Watches Under $300
1.    Aquatico Dolphin Black Dial Automatic Dive Watch
With a very refined line and amazing monochrome tones, this Aquatico dive watch is splendid not only as a diver’s watch but also as an automatic watch for women buyers. The Seiko mechanism is listed among the top options in the market, and the luminous details will be a life-saver at great depth under the sea or on a dark alley after cocktail hour. Resistance is a dominant feature for this Aquatico (and the following ones, for that matter), and high-end fabrics and materials are paramount for this model.
2.    Aquatico Sea Star Blue Dial Black Automatic Watch
Royal blue never looked as good as it does now. Rated within our best affordable automatic watch selection, you can hardly believe this to be true. This is a memorable item, a collector’s piece for sure, suitable for both genders, and for a suit as well. It will attract all gazes in a saloon, and the ceramic bezel is certifying the high-quality fabrics, from mechanism to design. It is an everlasting piece and it will soon turn out to be your personal favorite.
3.    Aquatico Bronze Sea Star Military Green Dial Automatic Watch
Probably, this is one of the most rugged and manly picks on the list. Surely, it will be listed in the top #3 for an automatic watch for men's pick. With ceramic insert, luminous details in the numbers, and on the hands of the watch, this piece complements the emerald green with its leather strap. Furthermore, it is waterproof at 30 ATM, roughly over 300 meters under the sea. This is a strong piece advocating for itself. And it goes without even saying to a perfectly adjusted suit and a tie. We list this with the most prolific personality of all.
4.    Aquatico Dolphin Orange Dial Automatic Watch
For a more playful approach, the Orange Aquatico is more lively and playful for its color scheme. This warm nuance of orange is complementing the silver line and fine cut of the watch, combining craftsmanship with performance. The automatic Seiko mechanism combined with the stainless steel strap and the standard features of a diver’s watch will steal your eye, for more than a second. The case is 21mm thick, which protects the mechanism from shocks and adverse conditions, so it’s the best pick for a run in the woods or into the mountains. This watch is perfect to compliment a sportier look for a night out, and this unique color will surely complete your watch collection.
5.    Aquatico Dolphin Bright Blue Dial Automatic Watch
Last but not least, this is our favorite from today’s collection, coming in a bright baby blue which is absolutely suitable both for men and women. The bright canvas for the luminous hands and numbers of this watch is a perfect combination for diving sessions, acquiring elegance, practicality, and robustness. As all Aquatico advertise, this item showcases a stainless steel bracelet, sapphire crystal to protect the mechanism, a long-lasting case of 39mm diameter, also being water-resistant up to 30 ATM. This is probably the best affordable automatic watch we have ever seen around, and we probably have seen plenty by now.
We hope you enjoyed our selection, and we hope we have convinced you of your next automatic watch pick. Besides flawless technical features, these Automatic Aquatico are highly resistant and quite suitable for gentlemen and ladies in love with sports, nature, and adrenaline. These diver’s watches are perfect to accompany you to diving sessions, rafting walks in the rain, or a run on a foggy morning.
We guarantee that these items will not let you down when you most need them – read the time in extreme conditions, in the dark, or in the shower. Suitable to fit the women's automatic watch criteria, as well as men’s picky noses – or wrists, to be fair.

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