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The Best Dive Watch for Me

To be at the beach for your holiday and stay in style is not such a tough chore. Perfect to play in a Tom Cruise picture, you need to choose your ideal option from the best dive watch list we will introduce you to. Also referred to as the diver’s watch, this is an item that comprises both elegant and technical features, perfect for the high-tech urban studs. As you might know, a good dive watch can make the difference between life and death in extreme situations.
Before introducing you to Aquatico’s best dive watches let’s learn a bit about what a good dive watch should have.

Characteristics of a Good Dive Watch
  • Basics: Water and corrosion resistance is a must. Of course, it must be resistant to water, and if possible, to least at 100 meters. The best dive watch brands even have advanced their technology to resist to 200 meters. You should pay attention not to the case only but also to the materials and fabrics. Stainless steel, ceramics, rubber, and others are paramount in the process of selecting the right candidate. A crystal case is one good option, for example.
  • Highly resistant and durable strap.  Pressure, cold, sunlight, and humidity may damage regular straps, so dive should have strong straps made of rubber, stainless steel, or other similarly strong materials.
  • Rotating bezel/ or elapsed time controller. At best, dive watches have a rotating bezel included, which lets the diver know how long he had been underwater, for a 60-minute rotation. For advanced models, there is such thing as measuring the underwater depth, or even a compass.
  • Legibility. A good dive watch is a legible underwater; so the professional ones should contain luminosity underwater. This is sometimes achieved with tritium, which can help the diver see-through at depth, for no-light conditions or low luminosity.
  • Easy to read. All indicators must be easy to read, as the diver may not have much time at his disposal for certain operations underwater. This feature, again, is one that can make a difference in extreme conditions.
  • A helium escape valve. This is optional but useful. Not all dive watches have this, but some come equipped with this feature – it permits divers to go at great depth for long periods of time and make sure that the dive watch can release trapped helium while they resurface, which protects the watch and assures longevity.
  • Other special features. Some watches also monitor the pulse and temperature, to let the diver know when or if he is in danger. Other indicates the level of the watch’s battery, which is again of high importance. These are of course not mandatory, but dive watchers can surely have them.
How to Choose a Good Watch
You probably think that a good watch is expensive as this is a luxurious item rather than an everyday one. In fact, it is a quite long-lasting piece that can literally save your life while diving.
When you are looking for the best dive watch, you should be looking first at the features, and search for watches that were previously tested by professionals, which have high-quality materials. The second thing you should be paying attention to is its design. Low-quality fabrics may prove more expensive in the long run and cost you even the priceless of all things – life and health.
The watch needs to be very, very resistant. Underwater, under pressure, be it cold or hot, to shocks, to saltwater, to magnetic shock. It should resist accidents because you never know what happens underwater.
The watch needs to be comfortable. You shouldn’t be bothered by it while operating under the sea.
It should have the specifics to do the job – and help deliver the diver safely back to the surface: show you depth, the temperature of the water, and of your body.
It should have a strong holding battery, so it would not abandon you in time of need. Imagine your watch taking a nap when you least expect it. Nightmare, huh?
You need to be able to read the watch easily, fast, so the watch should have different options for you to check quickly what you need to know exactly when you need it. Therefore, readability is a must. Even if it seems like a little thing, you also need the indication that the watch is running.
Finally, if all these conditions are met, you may feel free to choose a dive watch with a classy design – but let’s leave this at last after you made sure that your diver’s watch will be a good ally while you’re doing your business.

Top 5 Best Dive Watches
Now that we went through the view, let’s check out the best dive watches under 500, shall we?

  1. Aquatico Dolphin Blue Dial Automatic Dive Watch
Beautiful and technical. The is perfectly equipped to deliver – stainless steel strap, automatic mechanism, and luminescent details for readability in total dark. The case is strong and resistant, even at 300 meters. And the royal blue that assures you this diver’s watch is versatile enough to be worn in a suit without having a second beat.
  1. Aquatico Sea Star Green Dial Automatic Dive Watch
Green finesse. A great option among the best dive watches, this comes in a fashionable design of emerald green with vintage gold details, with the same luminescent details that you would expect. Strong stainless steel bracelet of 22 millimeters, ceramic bezel for complete protection, a sapphire crystal of the best provenance – this watch is manly and elegant, sober, and highly technical.  
  1. Aquatico Poseidon Blue Dial with Black Ceramic Bazel Automatic Dive Watch
Black magic. Another extravagant Aquatico – the Poseidon Blue Dial with Black Ceramic Bazel Automatic Dive Watch has a black bezel, 60-minute rotation with the royal blue you already grew to love, and vintage gold details; luminescent in total darkness, strong under pressure, underwater, in saltwater, at mechanical or magnetic shocks. This will deliver together with you during your activities underwater and is a perfect option if you’re looking for the best dive watch.
  1. Aquatica Nautilus Black and White Automatic Dive Watch
Monochrome sensation. If you’re more conservative, then this could be perfect when choosing the best dive watches under 500. It uses the classical duet of black and white; the only details are small red indicators and luminescent features for this Nautilus II. The bezel is minimalist and vintage air. This is the epitome of masculinity and simplicity while being remarkable and elegant. Another watch with versatile features – both fancy and sporty. The design only compliments technological perfection, uniting strength, resistance, and other technicalities.
  1. Aquatico Oyster Blue Dial with Black Ceramic Insert Automatic Dive Watch
Sporty spice. We left the watch with the concentrated personality for last. This is the most remarkable and outspoken variety of the Aquatico with the black-and-silver case, and sapphire case highlighting the perfect blue to go with the waves and sea. The ceramic insert is only the finishing stroke of a Leonardo of diving watches.
Hope you enjoyed our selection of best watches under 500, combining affordable prices with flawless technical features. Dive away, gentlemen!

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