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Case: Marin Grade Bronze CuSn8 
Diameter: 43mm, short lugs and case design makes the HH wear similar to a 42mm piece
Lug to Lug Length: 50mm
Thickness: 16mm
Lug width: 24mm
Movement: Seiko NH35 or Sellita SW200  with color-matched Date Wheel
Power Reserve:41 Hours 
Water Resistance: 1000m
Crystal: Sapphire with Inner AR coating
Dial: Apply 13PCS swiss made MB Microtec T100 Tritium
Hands: Apply 3PCS swiss made MB Microtec T25 Tritium  
Bezel: 120 Click Unidirectional Ceramic inlay apply lume BGW9
Crown: Screw Down 
Case back: Screw Down with Display
Bracelet: Hand-made horween leather strap with bronze buckle

Package Includes:

Wooden Gift Box
Steel Warranty Card
1X High-quality ISO type rubber strap

The Best watch  illumination- Tritium GTLS T100 

Being able to tell the time with ease in the dark is often overlooked in the process of buying a watch.
This ability, however, of always being able to tell the time no matter what the conditions, 
is always highly valued in the day-to-day life of a watch.
This is the reason therefore why every Aquatico Super Charger watch is fitted with tritium illumination 
-the very best form of watch illumination available.

High-Tec ceramic bezel  apply Super Luminova BGW9 from swiss RC-TRITEC 

Power by Swiss-made Sellita SW200  Automatic($599) or Japan-made TMI Seiko NH35A($499) 

Sapphire Crystal and display case back

The "H" style design, short lug fit for every size-wise

Hand-made Horween Leather strap with Bronze Buckle

Aquatico Super Charger Dive 1000m watch 
Best Affordable Automatic tritium dive watch for men

The Best 5 Tritium Watches: A Buyer’s Guide

Watches have been among us for centuries now, giving us more and more options and comfort with the advance in technology each year. If you are a watch lover, then by now you probably know that your watch is a mark of your personality, it brands and defines your outfit and is a statement piece.
Watchers are so useful that they have never been gone–and in fact, they are making a huge fashion comeback. A watch is like a best friend, it follows you wherever you go and it may in fact help you create beautiful memories, and that’s why choosing the perfect one is decisive.
Decisive and memorable are tritium watches, with a technology which has been with us for a long time but is not so popular yet. Tritium watch makes sure that you can check the time even if your telephone battery is dead while you are walking back home by night.
Tritium watches are one of the brightest everlasting trends in accessories and have not said their final word just yet.

Introducing The (Not So New) Tritium Watch Design and Technology
Objects that glow in the dark have been amusing us since childhood and for pure entertainment, however, it turns out it’s a very useful characteristic when it comes to watches. Tritium watches, with their technology of tritium gas inserted in paint to make watches glow in the dark, are not only cool but also practical devices as they allow us to check the time everywhere, anywhere.
This impressive technology assures that you can use the watch for roughly 24 years, without having to replace any parts or re-invest in the watch, so this is a big plus for tritium watches. Compared to lume watches, tritium watches burn brighter in the dark. This technology was first introduced by a Swiss company called Traser, which is still active today and currently supplies pieces and materials to other brands as well. For these reasons, this technology qualifies as reliable and top-notch.

How Does Tritium Paint Actually Work?
Tritium gas is a hydrogen isotope and is a type of gas that can be found in nature, and occurs naturally on our planet. However, this magnificent element is found in very low concentrations that vanish into thin air easily and quickly.
This hydrogen isotope has no color and no odor and is radioactive; so if you want to use it for illumination purposes, tritium is sealed into a glass tube. The gas is unstable – which means that it has a decaying process, thus the electrons contained interact with some glowing phosphorescent compounds and glow in the dark. This electronic agitation produces light and is maintained continuously due to the movement of electrons and the reaction of the clash between electrons and phosphorescent coating. This is basically what allows you to wake up in the middle of the night and check the time without having to turn your lights on!
Tritium illumination in devices such as watches uses two concentrations: T25 and T100, so it’s safe to say that the T100 tritium watches are stronger in terms of illumination effects and shine brighter.

Benefits of Tritium Watches
  • Fast answer. If you need to be able to tell the time really quickly, this type of device responds to your need. Fast, easy and in all conditions – we think it is safe to assume that you can even tell the time in a sandstorm!
  • Strong. They are powerful and shine very bright when compared to ordinary luminescent watches. In fact, studies showed that the brightest tritium watch can actually shine 100 times brighter than your other ordinary devices.
  • Completely self-powered. Last but not least, they do not require any outside source of light to recharge or any other future investment to maintain their bright light. You won’t have to re-paint anything, replace anything or have any future concerns about the watch. Tritium watches are a safe investment and are a companion in the long run.
Safety Considerations
It was long considered that tritium paint is radioactive and producers avoided using tritium paint on dials. However, there is a large consensus among scientists that tritium technology doesn’t pose any danger to users, being actually user-friendly. Tritium only becomes dangerous when inhaled or eaten, which is basically impossible while tritium paint is applied on the watch's inside parts, not in contact with the user.
Tritium gas is indeed radioactive, but in such low concentrations that if, by any means, the glass breaks, no harm will be brought to the user.

The Best Tritium Watch For You

We introduce you to 5 different tritium watch options for you to check which one is the best for you.
  1. Aquatico Super Charger Bronze Black Dial with Date
This one is a very strong versatile option for a tritium watch. With the classical sapphire glass; the watch is automatic (so elegant!), and can easily be worn for all occasions. It is water-resistant and the case is made of titanium. The handmade leather strap is the final touch of genius. A perfect option among the brightest tritium watches!

  1. Aquatico Super Charger Bronze Blue Dial with Date
For gentlemen with a taste for vintage-looking pieces, this automatic tritium watch with a classical touch of bronze and blue is a statement piece to be worn for any pretentious occasion, from the golf course to an elegant dinner occasion. For those looking for the best tritium watch, this one says a lot about the manner and refined taste of the owner, wouldn’t you agree?


3.Aquatico Super Charger Bronze Green Dial with Date
Going further down the line, we present to you gentlemen with another exquisite tritium watch with the green case, which is more of an acquired taste and assures that you will make a lasting strong impression
– lasting like the light of your watch, as a matter of fact. Make a change with the
best tritium watch.

4.Aquatico Super Charger Bronze Green Dial
And last but not least, another daring variation of the brightest tritium watch selection in emerald green without date, but with a strong sense of personality and style.
We strongly encourage you to take into account some of the best tritium watches presented, as these items reunite style, top-notch technology, elegance, and practical reasoning in their making.


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